Dyeing Your Hair as You Age

Do whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful. If you love the gray that emphasizes your transition into middle age, embrace your new natural color. However, if you prefer a more vibrant shade to your coif, choose a dye that reflects the way you see yourself.

The choice about hair color should hardly be considered lightly. Since it subconsciously affects the way people perceive themselves and others. The opportunity to live life as a brunette or honey blond has a very different outcome. Than the decision to dye one’s hair blue, black, or red. Color choice is about action and interpretation and people who are not prepared to receive constant comments on their appearance should not choose a bold color that draws attention. Your color, regardless of your choice, should compliment both your haircut and personal style. To ensure that the color of your hair enhances your look and your life.

Power Over Your Life

You might think it impossible that hair color could hold that much power over your life, but I have learned from personal experience that the shade a person chooses often determines how they are treated and how they act. As an apparently fake but sassy blond, men often told me that they were surprised to discover I wasn’t dumb. This breed of men who find blonds irresistible apparently prefers them not only for their pale locks but also for their stereotypically naive persona. I wondered at times how many women with this hair color play into the stereotype just to impress the men who believe in it. I decided after a few years that it was not a role I was willing to play.

Choosing a color to fit your personalityAt the suggestion of a brilliant gay man, I delved into shades of red that seemed to fit my personality more closely. I often heard the phrase “fiery red-head” that sounded like a good fit to my outspoken and sometimes witty personality. The effect of the color was immediate. From the moment I stepped out in my new color, I attracted an entirely different breed of men who both expected and reveled in my sarcastic intellectual side. With this color, I gained more friends of both genders who demanded more of me.

Black is Black

I briefly explored black as a hair color option, but I discovered that I was not quite up to the responsibility. Black is such an extreme color that a person must always be diligent to match clothing and make-up or end up looking like a sickly pale representation of her former self. People also have high expectations of a personality with black hair since it has come to represent the Gothic or macabre in many circles.

After the black adventure, I returned to red, my true inner color. This time, though, I added highlights that range from blond to orange depending on the length of time they were left in my hair. This style has been the most admired and commented on since the vibrant colors not only stand out but also appear different from the colors most people use on their hair. Even the man who owns the salon that cuts my hair came over to comment on the colors and ask what I use (L’Oreal Color Expert). This color gives me the opportunity to feel confident about my look as the highlights let me reflect my individuality and personal style.

The moral of the story is: choose a color that makes you feel most like yourself whether that choice is a natural shade leaning toward gray, a shocking shade of lime green, or anything in between.

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