Getting the Haircut You Want from Your Hairdresser

Getting an outstanding haircut takes a little thought and planning. You should do every possible thing to get the right cut can make it a better experience for you.

These tips can apply to both women and men. Knowing a few hair and communication pointers can make talking with the hairdresser more efficient and worry-free.
Showing the hairdresser a picture of the style you want on the smartphone

Routine Hair Care

Routine hair care involves trims, color touch ups, blowouts and special conditioning. Any time routine hair care is happening it is acceptable to enlist the help of a permanent hairdresser who is reliable and can get regular clientele in at any time. Routine hair care can also be done on the cheap. Trims can be done almost anywhere for a fraction of the cost of a salon. Coupons can be used to try out a new place for people who are new or to just save money for people who don’t want to spend a lot.

If there is something more detailed and involved, then it is best to see someone who is familiar with the client’s hair. This way, the hairdresser knows what the hair can and cannot do and can make realistic suggestions for the client.

Trying out a New Hairstyle

Trying out a new hairstyle is something that might best be done by a permanent hairdresser. A good tip: always give the hairdresser an idea of what type of cut is desired. This can be done by showing a clipped photo from a magazine, a real picture of someone with the desired cut, or flipping through the professional “books” on hairstyles that the salons carry and pointing out a style or color.

Any method that it’s done, it gives the hairdresser a “visual” to go by and they naturally can adjust it to the hair needs in front of them. Be firm and clear about what is desired.

Good Tips to Always Use at the Salon

Some tips never seem to go away when it comes to the hairdressers. For one, always tip anywhere from 15-20 percent or more if desired. Don’t forget to include people doing shampooing, or other types of services aside from the main hairdresser. Always know the prices of the salon and what payments are accepted, so there are no surprises. Some good conversation is fine, but try not to talk and distract the hairdresser too much as the hairdresser’s main job is to do a great job on the client’s hair.

Some vital things to know are what product lines are used (for hair coloring) and also the color or code that was used on the hair. This is important to record for the next visit–make sure this is done. It would be unfortunate if the color that was used were perfect, but the exact shade forgotten and not written down. Get as many hair tips from the hairdressers as the hairdressers are willing to share. Hairdressers have seen many heads and can provide realistic tried and true tips for the customers.

Always remember what kind of service is being done (routine, a new “do”) and adjust accordingly. Also, make communications clear and unwavering with the hairdresser. Ask the questions and let them do what comes most naturally. A better result and maybe even a pleasant surprise are sure to be on the way.

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